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Planet Earth Distilled Drinking Water is a locally owned and operated company. We have been providing our great product in the Lincoln area since 1990. Our Omaha branch opened in 1995.

The Martinstill Corporation, our manufacturing company, began in the mid 1980's. Martinstill designs and builds commercial water distillation and bottling equipment. This equipment is sold worldwide.

Planet Earth Water was born from our owner's innovative research and development of efficient water distillation. It began with a single vehicle and family members sharing the work. Today, we use Many vans and employ Multiple full-time drivers. The family is still here and continues to share the work.

Martinstill and Planet Earth moved into their new 47,000 sq. ft. Lincoln facility at 600 West South Street in the Spring of 2002. Our Omaha operation also moved at the beginning of 2002 into its new store at 5074 S. 136th St.


Planet Earth Facility - Lincoln,NEWe at Planet Earth Water are driven to provide the best product and service possible.

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